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Yacht Charter Croatia

Feral-Tours is charter company with experience in tourism acquired over the years in many different fields. We have a rich knowledge in receptive tourism and the chartering business as well as in guided tours. Our core business is offering different vacation solutions and taking the best care of our clients. So far our efforts have proven us right; our clients enjoy their stay in Croatia and they feel comfortable and carefree with a service we provide. And more important yet, they come back.


Charter, Yachts, Yachting, Sailing boats, Motor boats, Catamarans, Gulets, Crewed boatsCroatia has been for many years preferred destination of nautical tourists. No wonder, with more than 1000 islands and favorable climate for the most part of the year it has been inviting sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. Sailing season in Croatia starts in April and ends in November.  For passionate sailors we recommend you come in low season; for those that love the summer heat and rich night life July and August are best periods. There is a considerable number of sailing boats and a variety of boat types and designs in today’s yacht charter market; dinghies, sloops, catamarans, ketches, schooners.

High demand for sailing boats has been met by local companies and today there are over 3700 charter yachts based along the Croatian Adriatic coast.

At Feral-Tours you can find a choice of various types of sailing boats such as Beneteau, Bavaria, Jeanneau, Grand Soleil, Dufour, Elan, Hanse, Salona... In order to meet better our client’s needs we have 3 categories of sailing boats: Premium line, Economy line and Best Price. They are rated based on boats age, equipment, and overall condition.

You can charter these boats bareboat or with skipper:
- Bareboat sailing means that you have enough experience and possess a valid skipper license that allows you to charter a boat in Croatia.
- Skippered charter on the other hand, allows you to fully relax while one of our experienced skippers takes you on a discovery of Croatia!


Accommodation Croatia, Private accommodation, Hotels, Villas, Apartments, PansionsWe create an offer that appeals to you by its’ looks, content, duration and price. It is now for you to decide how luxurious and mind free you want your vacations to be. You will find with us an offer of 5, 4 and 3 stars hotels, villas, apartments and pansions with such tasteful surroundings that you will not want to leave. Would you like to book a presidential suite, top floor overlooking the whole city and the crystal clear bay waters, basking in your own private pool, having a sensuous massage while the water trickles down your spine? You name it – we have it!


Itinerary, CroatiaItinerary in Croatia - Routes for middle, south and north Adriatic - starting from Split, Biograd, Zadar, Pula.

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