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Hvar Real Estate

blogAs the oldest Hvar real estate agency on the island, we are a property agency offering a wide range of sales and services, covering every aspect of buying, renovating and selling properties.

stanovi hvar prodajaThe best advertisements for our work are the recommendations of our satisfied buyers and sellers. We are praised for our personalized choices of Hvar property for each buyer, the speed with which we fulfil the legal procedures, and the quality of the surveying, architectural and building services which we offer according to our buyers’ individual requirements.

apartmani hvarWith our expert team from Hvar and all over Croatia, we can carry out all renovation services, including big projects, and we can organize the necessary building permits in the shortest possible time.

stanovi najam hvarIn addition, we offer accounting services, tax advice, assistance with registering foreign and local business companies, as well as advice and support for clients who wish to rent out their properties. For our foreign partners we can provide translations of all the necessary documents into English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Hvar Properties offered for sale and rent:

  • Hotels & Villas for sale and rent
  • Apartments Hvar for sale and rent
  • Building lands for sale and rent
  • Houses for sale and rent

hvar nekretnineOur primary aims are to safeguard the interests of our buyers and sellers, to advise and represent our clients properly, and to build up a relationship of trust.

Real Estate Agency provides services:

  • Real Estate Agency
    knjigovodstveni servisWe provide full service brokerage sales, of presentation, preparation of documents, advisory support, to the registration of property rights.
  • Bookkeeping Service
    Our team using superior bookkeeping program with managing business books of all kinds of subjects.
    In direct contact with our business partners, we offer credit services and tax consulting.
  • Basler insurance
    odvjetnički uredSelling life and general insurance. Secure your car, home, boat, life, accident and another through our agency, and in the case of damage, we’ll provide you with free legal representation in the process of billing your claims from insurers.
  • Attorney office
    Providing legal services and advice, civil law, enforcement law, labor law, criminal law, and land registration.

nekretnine hvarWith our extensive team we offer the best possible choice of properties around the whole of Hvar Island, most of which you can see on these pages.

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